Proposal to customize the furniture base

Wardrobes, dressers and any other similar furniture that does not have legs but that rest directly on the floor on a plinth are the ideal candidates to give them this little DIY touch that will transform and enrich them completely.

Customize furniture base 1

The modular furniture, generally cheap, manufactured in large quantities will gain much simply with this customization that will allow them to be involved in a more coherent way with the rest of the decoration. Also giving them that personal touch that will differentiate them from the standard with which they have been built.

Customize furniture base 2

We will need several types of adhesive tape in the colors that we consider most suitable for them. The colors will logically depend on those that predominate in the room where the furniture to be treated is. In this example a ribbon of the width of the plinth in gold color and metallic finish was chosen, this tape is the one that constitutes the bottom on which to add the complementary touches.

Customize furniture base 3

Once we have fixed the ribbon of the base color we will add the pieces of the ribbons of the complementary colors. For all this operation we will need some complements:

  • scissors
  • a cutter
  • a cloth to help us fix the adhesive tapes
  • ribbons or adhesive paper in the colors that we prefer
  • a pin

Customize furniture base 4

You can cut the tape to measure but this can be difficult sometimes, it is easier to stick more tape and then cut it carefully with the cutter. The same piece of furniture will serve as a cutting guide. Rubbing the cloth on the tape will improve its adhesion and we will get rid of possible air bubbles. If there is any rebel bubble you can get rid of it by pinching it with a pin and pressing the cloth to let the air out.

Customize furniture base 5

As you see in the examples, this simple and creative technique will allow you to give a new air to those industrial furniture that tend to be bland and without spark. You will get that they fit perfectly with the rest of the decoration.


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