Pre-winter maintenance work for the home

Before the autumn ends and the winter begins with all that entails it is interesting to review the house to ensure a good winter. Especially when you live in a geographical area with harsh winters, it is essential to pay more attention to the house before your arrival because once the cold starts and the snow can not be done. Let's see a few tasks that will allow us to face this station in the best conditions and saving.


Before turning on the fireplace for the first time in the season you have to check it to verify that the shot is free and we will not have any unpleasant surprises. Too much soot or just some bird that has nested inside and our fireplace can give us a major scare.


Now that you can still open the windows it's time to clean carpets and carpets. Then with the cold and humidity it will be more complicated.


If in the garden or patio we have an area that is usually flooded when it rains, prepare a good drainage. Practice a hole one meter wide by one meter deep and fill it with gravel. This drainage hole should be done at the point where the waterlogging usually occurs because it will be the lowest area of ​​your plot level.


The hours of use of electric light will increase considerably and that is why if you have not done so, take advantage now and change your incandescent bulbs with others of low consumption.


Review doors and windows and look for broken joints and places where hot air can escape from the house. Having a good insulation significantly reduces the cost of heating.


An inspection of the roof of the house is also interesting to discover any small setback that can be easily remedied before winter.


Changing the analogue heating thermostat to a digital one will also allow you to better control the energy consumption of your home.


Outside is also a good time to check the coated areas to repair cracks and other problems that the pavement may present.


In the garden, patio or terrace do not forget to empty the water pipes, whether they are irrigation or any other. Essential if you live in a geographical area that suffers severe frost in winter.


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