Practical storage system for the staircase

The spaces under stairs They are usually little used. Sometimes we do not know what to do with them, and we do not take advantage of the possibilities they offer us. This idea that we present today is practical and very useful.

Ladder Storage System

Stair Storage System - 1

He is a practical storage system . It is ideal for keeping all kinds of things and makes the most of each of the spaces, from the smallest to the largest.

The Advantages of the Storage System

1- It is decorative, besides being very useful.
2- It is practical, and we can not only keep coats or shoes for the rain.
3- It can be used as storage space for clothes that we are not using in the season of the year in which we are.
4- Can be used as storage of merchandise if it is located next to the kitchen.
5- The toys of the small ones of the home can be stored.
6- It is a system of sliding doors and trays with ease and that resist great weight.

a very practical storage system 2

Stair Storage System - 2

The Characteristics of the Storage System

1- It is an idea of ​​the signature ChisWickwoodWorking .
2- Allows the storage of small large things.
3- Practical and decorative at the same time.

a practical and simple storage system for the staircase

Stair Storage System - 3

It is an option that is truly worth having!
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