Practical ideas to decorate with floating compositions

A beautiful idea to decorate that fits perfectly in any corner of our home. The result will be surprising whether you use it in the bathroom or as a centerpiece.

Proposals for floating compositions 1

To begin, you have to choose a glass container that we will fill with water. In the background we can place stones, colored gel balls or just leave it free.
The floating candles will give the atmosphere a romantic and cozy touch. We can find them in many colors, shapes and sizes. Combine with floating flowers or petals for a more beautiful effect.

Proposals for floating compositions 2

You can also decorate the floating composition with colorful fish that will give more life. In this case it is essential to avoid candles, we will only use flowers and stones. We must not forget that they are living beings and need some care and maintenance.

Proposals for floating compositions 3

A great variety of plants grow wonderfully in water. They need less attention, although terrestrial plants are not your thing you will not have problems with this class, you can even spend days outside and when you return they will be perfect. There is a great variety to choose from and they also have a life of several years. Although, like fish, they are living beings and need minimal care.

Proposals for floating compositions 4

As you can see, this is a simple way to set your home. Enjoy the beautiful effect created floating and swinging all the elements of the composition with the light of the candles.

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