Practical ideas for placing spice in the kitchen

When it comes to cooking, we need that many of the ingredients we are going to use are within our reach. It is the case of spices . They season the food and give the dishes an enriching flavor, but they also take up space, especially if we have many different jars and do not know where to store them. We have put together a series of practical ideas that will allow you to place the merchants so that they stand out in your kitchen and you can store them in a comfortable and appropriate way so that each item (parsley, salt, oregano, curry, paprika ...) is preserved with all its freshness.

Spices in the kitchen 1

Most people choose to keep the merchants on the kitchen shelves, but maybe we want them to be more visible. A very practical storage system is this Brabantia . It is a shelf with movable vertical design and capacity for five hermetically sealed glass containers. It allows bottles to be at hand and hardly takes up space.

Spices in the kitchen 2

Spices in the kitchen 3

Spice Stack It is a very practical grocer composed of three drawers in which you can store up to 54 boats. Its comfortable structure facilitates the rapid localization of spices.

Spices in the kitchen 4

This design in the shape of a house has been made by hand and has different shelves. A fun and original design that also allows to be hung on the wall. Decorative and comfortable at the same time. You can paint to the taste of each one.

Spices in the kitchen 5

Here we have small jars with a magnet to leave the spices on the surface of the refrigerator or on a magnetic board. In sight, well organized and very useful.

Spices in the kitchen 6

Spices in the kitchen 7

This other form of storage is also very effective and original: small test tubes. They just take up space and allow spices to be properly preserved. In each cork we put labels to identify them clearly.

Spices in the kitchen 8

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