Practical and decorative garden sheds

There are decorative solutions so that the garden shed where we keep the tools and other utensils of the garden is not the typical prefabricated booth of plastic, metal or wood. We show you some solutions that are integrated into the landscape of the garden or follow the style of the house. They are practical and at the same time decorative garden sheds, with style and elegance.

Decorative garden sheds 1

This house hidden among the trees of the garden has been covered with cedar tiles following the style of the house. It is a way to disguise and integrate this small building with your older sister.

Decorative garden sheds 2

On this occasion the owners of the house have decided to build a house for the raised garden, it is good for the large amount and height of the trees that surround it. The construction material is reclaimed wood which gives it an old and old look.

Decorative garden sheds 3

This beautiful garden shed has been set up as a room for the guests. Elegant and informal, it is a good solution when there is not enough space in the house or we want to provide our guests with more independence.

Decorative garden sheds 4

A garden house in Victorian style with glass mirror doors creates a space of great elegance and that integrates perfectly in its surroundings.

Decorative garden sheds 5

Great storage space and for gardening or any hobby that we have are not incompatible with style and good taste, as demonstrated by this spectacular garden shed.

Decorative garden sheds 6

And speaking of integration and style this shed is a good example, a construction of modern style in wood that complements perfectly this spectacular patio. They are solutions that add points to the decoration of our garden without losing storage space that is the main function of these constructions.


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