Pools integrated into the landscape

One of the latest trends in design, decoration and architecture is to integrate housing as part of the landscape in which they are located. This is how so many buildings built in forests have arisen, for example, in the style of houses built with glass walls that allow the environment to be constantly visualized, from any of its rooms, be it the dining room, the bedroom, the kitchen or the bathroom. bathroom.

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Going a step further between this fusion between architecture and landscape, we find swimming pools They merge with green forests and cliffs by the sea. These are the so-called "infinite pools", which seem to have no edge or stone limit that contains them, as if they could continue swimming to infinity.

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All this thanks to a visual effect in which the horizon of these pools disappears, and everything around, whether ocean, or trees, is within reach of the bather with just a couple of strokes. They are such incredible pools that can give us, sometimes, even a little vertigo.

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This in particular is the pool of Zemi Beach Resort, a luxury hotel complex on the small island of Anguilla, in the Caribbean Sea, a dream destination that many celebrities come to rest. They are pools without a known limit, only the one that marks the imagination.

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Pools integrated into the landscape-06

Pools that can also be integrated into the urban landscape itself, like this latest proposal, a tempting pool located on the top floor of a building in the middle of the city. Its glass wall allows you to take a dip on the asphalt, observing the traffic itself. Amazing!

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Photos: favim.com; cntraveler.com

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