Pools and urban jacuzzis for terraces

If the terrace of our house has enough space for it, it can allow us to have a small pool of water in it, be it a swimming pool or even a removable jacuzzi. It is already possible to incorporate them into the urban landscape of our terrace given its size and material of manufacture. These water areas are specially designed for enjoyment and to fit in all kinds of outdoor spaces, however minimal they may be.

Pools and urban jacuzzis 1

Proposals can vary from classic transportable pools adapted to any surface to the possibility of having an exclusive water area built on the floor of the enclosure itself.

Pools and urban Jacuzzis 2

The range of pools that we can incorporate into these outdoor spaces includes from more manageable supports such as hydromassage cabins to smaller plastic or polyester pools. The possibility of taking a bath of water under the sun, at any time and in our own home, can become a reality.

Pools and urban Jacuzzis 3

Pools and urban Jacuzzis 4

Another type of minimal expression pools that are camouflaged with the urban landscape of the terrace or roof are these that are integrated in the same floor. They are excellent for surrounding areas of rest or "chill outs" in the open air. They allow our guests to refresh themselves even if it's just getting their feet in the water. Surrounding the house, are perfectly integrated into the space and can be accompanied by a small garden. These types of pools are usually the most common in the terraces of the highest floors in the most modern and contemporary hotels.

Pools and urban Jacuzzis 5

Photos: pacificbuilding.com

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