Polka dot walls with washi tape

Surely you know the washi tape And if not, now you will discover it because this decoration is based on it. The washi tape is an adhesive tape of Japanese origin made with rice paper and that you can find in a great variety of colors and designs. With it we will decorate the walls with polka dots.

Walls with polka dots 1

If you think that one of your walls looks too monotonous and you want to give it some color and life you can do it with washi tape in a very short time.

Walls with polka dots 2

Materials you need:

  • Washi tape, the ones you want
  • scissors
  • vegetable paper, baking
  • pencil
  • a template, any circular object or a compass

Cut a piece of paper about the size you want to make polka dots. Now cut strips of washi tape until the paper is coated, lightly mount the strips so that no gaps remain between them.

Walls with polka dots 3

Then flip the paper over and in the back mark the circles with pencil, use a glass or a pot or something similar. Cut out the circles and keep doing all you need. You can combine various designs and colors to achieve the desired effect. Draw a design plan that you want to achieve with polka dots so you can use a sheet of paper and distribute the polka dots to your liking. Paste the polka dots to the wall you want to decorate. Try to hit the first place where you want to place each circle so you do not have to move it since the washi tape is very delicate and it can be damaged. A simple, wonderful and reversible way to decorate an insipid wall.

Via: fellowfellow.com

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