Playrooms for kids

As children, we all dream of having a room for games o play room to unleash our imagination. These spaces are designed to be the exclusive territory of the youngest of the house, where they have their toys, their trampolines and everything necessary to spend hours of play with their brothers and friends. In short, a world to dream.

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From the point of view of space, the first thing we calculate when designing these rooms are the dimensions. It is important that there is enough space for these places to become play areas and a circuit for their careers. Children love to roll around on the floor and move from one place to another, so you have to take this into account when adapting these rooms, as well as paying attention to the age of the children who go there. to use.

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Once we have a room designated as play room , do not forget to remove everything that could be dangerous for children: cover the open plugs, check that there are no wires or dangerous furniture (glass or peaked), monitor access to windows, etc.

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The most suitable furniture for them is, precisely, those made of a soft material, to prevent them from hurting themselves if they stumble in one of their crazy races around the room. Rubber foam, polystyrene and plastic are going to be our allies so that the children play without any danger, and if they are older, wood is a good material.

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Playrooms 7

In addition to dynamic, these places can also be designed for rest and comfort. Placing a bed in them is something we should not overlook. And who says bed, also refers to an elastic mattress, a small sofa, game parks (if they are smaller), etc.

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As for the decoration itself, one of the factors that will make these game rooms magical places will be the colors. Use neon colors for some furniture, vinyl drawings or wall paint, lively and dynamic color palettes that help them to distract themselves and encourage their creativity, pastel colors so as not to overload the environment ... In general, what is involved is that of them have as much fun as possible in these environments.

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