Playing with contrasts in decoration

Our look is very conditioned by the way our brain works. Thus, in a monotonous landscape, our gaze is incapable of looking at anything concrete, but on the other hand it is prepared to find the difference instantly, which stands out from the uniformity. When we work with any decorative style we always try to introduce contrast.

Combination of decorative styles 1

But more if possible when we find styles based on uniformity, in flat profiles such as Scandinavian and minimalist styles. These styles are based on neutral backgrounds and straight lines and in them the look when not finding contrasts passes quickly over them.

Combination of decorative styles 2

Introducing decorative elements with contrasting capacity will make the gaze stop in that uninterrupted wander. You will find reasons to settle on them and then you will be better aware of the whole. The objects of contrast also add personality to the decoration and avoid the so-called catalog effect. The contrast can be obtained in many ways, materials, colors, shapes that stand out from the set of decoration.

Combination of decorative styles 3

If you have noticed the table, the stools and the shelf of this apartment you will see that they are based on the crossing of lines, it is an intelligent way to create a contrasting effect on the linear background of the room.

Combination of decorative styles 4

The warmth, the natural rusticity of the materials also contributes to create contrast in a cold environment based on neutral colors. There are many ways to create contrast in a decoration and they all go through the personal tastes of each person. The contrast will make your house really your home, your inhabited space, a house where people live and not a furniture sample.


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