Playhouses for the kids

These 15 gambling houses are the dream that every child would want to have in the garden. Imaginative constructions that are a paradise for the youngest of the family, the best place to develop their games, including everything that fascinates children: slides, swings, kitchens, space to read their books or draw ...

Playhouses 1

They are small houses designed for children to have their own game scenario, mostly built in wood, although many large surfaces already incorporate in their catalog scenarios created with polystyrene, a more affordable material for the pocket.

Playhouses 2

Playhouses 3

They tend to be small, which makes them perfect to be located wherever you want. Some models have the facility that we can change them whenever we need it, for example in case of a storm, and thus put them to good protection so that they do not spoil.

Playhouses 4

Playhouses 5

Small houses and wooden huts that seem to have come from a story to become a reality, so that these little ones play and enjoy the outdoors in all its splendor.

Playhouses 6

Playhouses 7

Game houses 8

If you also like DIY and have a lot of time doing these tasks, you can always surprise your children by building yourselves the home of their dreams. For this task you can use pallets or wooden planks, including an old tent, which you can modify to your liking and turn into incredible fantasy places with doors, roofs and windows.

Playhouses 9

Playhouses 10

Playhouses 11

Playhouses 12

A surprise that the kids will love and make them go crazy with joy. Because who would not have liked to have a house like that in his childhood?

Playhouses 13

Playhouses 14

Playhouses 15


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