Plan the bathroom reform

When we have decided to dive right into the bathroom reform It is very important to do an intense planning job beforehand. So this exciting project will not become a nightmare if we first elaborate a detailed list of a series of factors to take into account before embarking on this adventure.

reform of the bathroom1

First of all we have to prepare a budget, Although it is approximate, but it is essential to know how much we want to spend on the total reform. Having a fixed final amount we will know more or less what we can spend in each part of the work and see what we prefer to spend more and what we can spend less.

bathroom reform2

Once the budget is set, we will go to the planning , here we have to take into account aspects such as time. When to carry out the work and in what term. Here enter aspects such as having all the insured supplies as soon as the work begins, the dedication that the contractor will give to our work and also take into account that if in the house there is only one bathroom we can not be many days without being able to use it . There are a number of points in the planning that will have to deal with the contractor such as the measurements, the sequence of the works, what to do before the appearance of hidden problems such as, for example, the installation of plumbing that may appear when demolishing the old room of bathroom.

bathroom reform3

The next step will be the design of the new bathroom, we have to opt for a style that we like and go coupling the different elements that make up the bathroom. You have to choose between a huge variety offered by the market, both floor and wall coverings, lighting, taps, furniture, toilets and accessories. At this point, even if we ask for the collaboration of the professional, it is important that we carry out an investigation on our own to specify what we want.

bathroom reform4

After the work is important to take into account the final cleaning, if the renovation has been important or complete the same we prefer to hire professional cleaners, it will depend on whether the budget allows it. If we do not have to take into account that we will have to dedicate a day at least to a thorough cleaning after the work.


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