Placard or Dressing, what is convenient? (Part I)

The choice of space to store clothes is not an easy task. To make the decision is essential to take into account: price, quality, capacity and practicality.


The wardrobes are a primary weapon to maintain the order and organization of the house. In them we keep everything: clothes, shoes, bijouterie, ties and other personal items. You just have to think about how intimate this space is, and realize what it is to make a good choice regarding this issue.
First of all, it is essential to know the difference between a closet and a dressing room. The first replaces the old to the old wardrobe. This is developed on a single wall and can have sliding or opening doors. The dressing room, on the other hand, is a single special room, with shelves, drawers and barrales in sight, where one has everything at hand. The advantage of these dressing rooms is that they are very wide and allow one to change inside them. It's the American walking closet.


It is proven that women need more barrels to hang their clothes, and a generous space for their shoes. Men, on the other hand, require a more proportionate design, that is, a balance in the distribution of each element: some shelves, few drawers and a barral. The only thing they ask for is functionality, that is why the creation of ties and trousers, which nowadays, they also ask for their necklaces and scarves.


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