Pistachio green kitchens

The pistachio green in a kitchen helps create more bright and spacious spaces. This is a color that, by its nature, will calm and relax us, making the spaces around us suitable places for tranquility and comfort.

Pistachio green kitchens 1

In addition, this range of green can be combined with multiple materials, from wood to marble, whether white, gray or black. With all of them it combines superbly, either in kitchens built for urban dwellings or in much more classic places such as country houses.

Pistachio green kitchens 2

Pistachio green kitchens 3

To the white color, for example, this variety of green feels great to him, making the space a wider and more natural place. With darker shades like black it manages to soften the atmosphere thanks to the contrast that is created.

Pistachio green kitchens 4

It is a range of soft green, very close to another attractive color for interiors such as mint green. Green has always been associated with calm and peace, that is why it is the color that always prevails in schools and hospitals.

Pistachio green kitchens 5

We can use it to paint walls and furniture or simply give a brushstroke with this color to highlight something concrete, such as a table, a certain wall or the surface of a piece of furniture. A beautiful and natural color that can be the best ally for spaces as everyday as a kitchen.

Pistachio green kitchens 6

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