Pink bedroom for your baby

Do you have a beautiful baby and are you looking for ideas to decorate your room? Here are some ...


Based on the fuchsia color to prepare the decoration, you can combine it with white and play with this range when buying or recycling furniture and accessories.
To achieve a good harmony in the color you can paint one of the walls in the color fuchsia and the rest in the white to win well with the lighting.
The furniture you choose can also be white. You can buy or recycle old furniture, painting them with white paint that allows periodic cleaning. With children it is important to be able to clean the surfaces constantly to avoid diseases. Also, it is also important that paint and surfaces resist it.
To continue with the decoration and taking into consideration the chosen combination, you can play with accessories, such as carpets, mosquito nets, small sofas for children, sheets, blankets, towels, toy bears, baby toys ... you can buy them all with the colors in mind. you have chosen.
Without a doubt fuchsia is a special and very cheerful color.
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