Ping Pong Gate ... to play

Big and boys like ping pong, but in order to have a table at home you need a lot of space available. That was until now ... you will not need extra space ... you can put it on your floor, in your home, in your children's room or in the game room ... but without having a special space !.

Ping Pong Gate ... to play 2

It's about the Ping Pong door . When you feel like playing you just have to turn the panel and go!

Designed by Tobias Franzel , the Ping Pong door It is unique in its style. You only have to replace one of the doors of your home with this one and you will be able to play with your children and friends whenever you want.
Ping Pong is a table that on the one hand preserves its door aspect and on the other it is a green court with a white line in the middle.
Just enough that you adapt a bit the decoration of the room that gives the green part of the table and ready. You can play at any time without needing new spaces or running furniture.
An ideal accessory for your children's room ...

Ping Pong Gate ... to play 1

Ping Pong Gate ... to play 3


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