Perfectly lit bathrooms

From this web we have always considered the illumination as an important aspect when decorating. Proof of this is that every entrance of light in a room always embellishes it and highlights aspects that, otherwise, could not. It is the case of these five modern bathrooms that we present to you next

Illuminated bathrooms 1

Five modern bathroom proposals where lighting is the most powerful element, one that highlights any other decorative aspect, highlighting the colors or the space itself. The light turns each of these places into a perfect interior. Tiles, floors and furniture shine individually under the light bulbs.

Illuminated baths 2

The light favors the modern design of these bathrooms, each with its own personality. There is everything: mosaic tiles, large tiles and mirror tiles. Light also affects those places where it is most needed, as, for example, on the mirror in the washbasin and on the bathtub.

Illuminated bathrooms 3

Illuminated bathrooms 4

The light also highlights the range used, a range of basic decoration, very contemporary taste. They are specialized designs, many of them geometric, such as basins that are an oval bowl or tubs with a rectangular cut. There is also no detail of vegetation and flowers, which always favor the bathrooms and create a relaxing environment.

Illuminated bathrooms 5


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