Patios and terraces in shabby chic style

The shabby chic style can also serve to decorate exteriors as we can see in these patios and terraces in shabby chic style that we relate below. It is a very interesting option if you like that vintage, retro, worn look that characterizes the style.


Although it also has the charm of that feminine touch that flowers and pastel colors transmit to us. And without forgetting that romantic and dreamy atmosphere that fans of this fabulous style like so much.


This charming living-dining area decorated with old furniture, worn look, and surrounded by green seems to invite us to sit in the cool and take a lemonade.


This porch does not lack detail and until the last detail is very thought, sought and meditated.


In this other porch, also impeccable, a table for breakfast has been set up and has curtains and chandelier, an elegant and very attractive shabby chic.


More simple but no less beautiful is this corner furnished with vintage garden furniture.


In the shabby chic style the white color is the main protagonist as well as the textiles and wooden furniture with retro flavor.


And without forgetting the flowers that if you can not miss the shabby chic interior decoration, imagine when you decorate the porch or the terrace.


Like all decorative styles, the shabby chic has different finishes and sheds. It is not always necessary that the furniture look worn, although it does have a retro look.


To decorate our patio or terrace in shabby chic style we can take advantage not only of the typical garden furniture, we can also use sofas, dressers and many other furniture.


This wrought-iron lounge chair is a real find and, by itself, fills any patio or terrace.


Here, apart from the beautiful furniture, the fountain stands out, a romantic piece that brings a lot of character.


This magnificent wrought iron waitress is a charm. A piece of furniture that anyone would like to have in their patio or terrace.


Metallic or porcelain jars and basins are great complements to decorate the exterior of our house. Zinc tubs like this one can be used as planters.


A good compilation of charming pieces that help create a romantic atmosphere with a lot of character.


The textiles, printed with floral motifs, will be typical of the style and will serve to give warmth and a touch of color to our decoration.


We can also use furniture like this bed and give them a new use, as bench or sofa for our patio or terrace.


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