Patchwork: some ideas to decorate

When we hear about patchwork, we probably come to mind the typical quilt of American movies, and indeed that's it.

Decorate with patchwork 1

Patchwork is an English word that means "patch work". Pieces of fabric are joined, in an artisanal way, by the edges to make a sofa blanket or a quilt. But nowadays it is so fashionable that it is not only used for this.

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Nowadays we can find all kinds of objects with patchwork, whether they are made of cloth, printed or even silk-screened.

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Decorate with patchwork 4

It has been such a success, that we can find patchwork almost in any element for the home, from upholstered armchairs, furniture, cushions and even wallpaper or gift items with this motive.

Decorate with patchwork 5

Decorate with patchwork 6

Personally, patchwork is a tasteful impression. The fact of joining remnants, whether abstract or not, and uniting them with the art that characterizes this action makes the final result a feast and joy for the eyes.

Decorate with patchwork 7

Decorate with patchwork 8

Generally they are stamped with a lot of color, which also makes any room where it is placed cheerful.

It is rare that patchwork today we can acquire it by hand, but nobody takes away from being able to create it ourselves. Patchwork quilts have been seen with the union of pieces of shirts or even quilts of this work that have been joined generation after generation with the union of a remnant of each family.

Decorate with patchwork 9

Decorate with patchwork 10

Get inspired with these ideas and decorate your home with the patchwork!

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