Patchwork, beautiful and functional designs

The patchwork It is a technique that is made by hand to recycle fabrics and give uses. It is used in collections of all kinds, decor , desk accessories, stationery, carpets and a host of things that brighten up the decoration in several aspects.

Patchwork, beautiful and functional designs

Patchwork - Photo No. 1

It is not only used on clothes, but also on quilts, curtains, cushions, mobiles with oriental inspiration.
Boxes of different sizes are lined to store things in the bedroom cabinets.

Patchwork, beautiful and functional designs 1

Patchwork - Photo nº 2

Way of doing it and uses.
It is made by sewing pieces of fabric of different colors and wefts to assemble bedspreads and cushions and a whole range of items that will make the decoration of the bedroom, the work corner or the room with its cheerful and colorful patterns.
The mixture requires balance in the stamped tones are double-sided and in the middle goes a quilted fabric or wadding. It can be any texture and colors.

Patchwork, beautiful and functional designs 2

Patchwork - Photo nº 3

There are no specific rules to use the patchwork , creativity and sensitivity of each person is used for the contrast of colors.
Notebooks, diaries, practical desk tools can be lined to store all kinds of small things, giving each place its own, very creative and personal stamp.
The patchwork It can also be made with paper of different colors, lining straw cardboard boxes.
There are thousands of ideas in which this ancient technique can be used to save money and give new life to spaces.

Patchwork, beautiful and functional designs 3

Patchwork - Photo No. 4

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