"Parametrix Kitchen", the incredible futuristic kitchen with neons

The design studio of Russian origin Geometrix Design It has been inspired by sci-fi scenarios to create this incredible futuristic kitchen , called as "Parametrix Kitchen" . Neon lights of soft changing colors, geometric surfaces and textures with a futuristic appearance dominate the interior. We show you how this fascinating kitchen is inside.

Parametrix Kitchen 1

It was created especially for a Muscovite family with slightly eccentric tastes, but of course originality does not win any other cuisine. It is true that it is not a design for everyone, but what is certain is that it will not leave anyone indifferent, because it stands out from what is usually seen in decoration. Its high ceilings favor lighting and its sense of order and distribution is very successful.

Parametrix Kitchen 2

Its dynamic appearance is mainly due to a combination of exposed brick, wood and glass, and ultramodern furniture with incredible details: Cubist chairs, a geometric mirror with a surprising appearance and, especially, those extravagant wall and ceiling panels. roof with a very accent, but very futuristic, spacecraft style.

In this other section of the kitchen we find a less futuristic space, but with an equally practical sense of the spaces: large, smooth and monochrome surfaces, as well as a minimalist treatment of these spaces, where what prevails at the time of cooking is, Above all, comfort and space.

Parametrix Kitchen 4

Parametrix Kitchen 5

Of course, this Russian study has advanced some decades to offer us the designs that, surely, in the not too distant future, we suppose that they will be of the most common in our homes.

Parametrix Kitchen 6

Parametrix Kitchen 7

Photos: freshpalace.com

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