Paper balloons for holiday decoration

When we have to prepare a birthday party, a baptism, or any kind of meeting and we want to prepare a decor special, we always forget a great ally that can give us the perfect solution: balloons and especially paper.

Paper balloons for holiday decoration1

We will not spend a lot of money and the result will be colorful, different and the best thing is that we can save them to use them again on another occasion.
The paper balloons have a particularity with respect to the classic balloons, since they allow to reuse them. But analyzing these proposals of parties decoration with balloons, we can see that the colors of the balloons are replicated on the tables, using napkins and tablecloths.

Paper balloons for holiday decoration2

Another of the tips used and that will always look elegant and distinctive, is to decorate the chairs with a similar color. It can be a fabric bow, a paper bow, covers with some color appliqué as in the first case.
At our table we can add natural flowers or small plants that accompany the range of colors we already have.

Paper balloons for holiday decoration3

If you look carefully you can see that the balloons are the protagonists and that they direct the rest of the decoration.
This concept can be applied even for a children's party, with the difference that instead of placing napkins, plates, glasses or glasses, etc. We can decorate the table with strips of paper or paper flowers, as seen in the example of the photo and place candies and toys in the range of colors chosen. The sweets are the best to decorate a party childish.
We hope that these proposals are to your liking and that they can decorate with paper balloons very soon!

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