Papelote, more than just a stationery

When discovering this stationery located in Prague , Czech Republic, I have noticed the fact that with what I like stationery I had never written an article about any of them. Maybe because I had not stumbled upon a stationery like the one we're dealing with. Papelote, that's his name, shocking truth? It's not a stationery to use, it's something more, much more, it's all a personal project of three people interested in changing and raising the style of Czech stationery.

Stationery Papelote 1

Katerina Šachová, her husband Filip Sach and her friend Denisa Havrdová They are the architects of Papelote that was born from the beginning with the idea of ​​creating a line of stationery with a different level to what had hitherto been in the country. Katerina is a graphic designer and her graduation project was already called Papelote. Denisa has a degree in literature from the Carolina University in Prague and Filip is a photographer.

Stationery Papelote 2

Stationery Papelote 3

In 2010 they requested the services of A1 Architects, a studio formed by four young Czech architects, they have been responsible for the decoration of this first Papelote store and have certainly marked a way forward if the international expansion sought by the owners takes place . How could another Papelote store be opened without that framework of paper clips or without those tables with wheels? And finally, how can you renounce the old, brushed walls in a possible expansion of the company that reveal the layers of paint that your history has given them?

Stationery Papelote 4

Stationery Papelote 5

These people do more than sell stationery, design and send them to manufacture under your specifications, using for it recycled papers or friendly to the environment. But they do not stop there, they have a teaching facet that leads them to organize workshops of activities related to paper. Origami workshops and other crafts that can be developed from the raw material that is the basis of your professional life, the role.

Stationery Papelote 6

Stationery Papelote 7

This teaching aspect is highlighted in the design of the stationery, a large blackboard presides over the back wall of the store, shelves for storing books and material, large tables with wheels to quickly change the space according to needs, as a large ideal class where it is easy to transmit knowledge.

Stationery Papelote 8

Stationery Papelote 9

These three professionals are romantics in love with paper and show it both with their activities and with their designs, some as ingenious as this one, which you can see in the image above. Inspired by the diplomatic envelopes used by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic they contain a notebook inside, it is really like buying a gift with a very special packaging.

Stationery Papelote 10

Papelote It is the fruit of some stationery lovers who have embarked on the adventure of creating that ideal stationery that all those passionate about stationery want to find someday. And what better place to find a great stationery than in an old building of the historical and mysterious Prague.


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