Painting with sponge

Spring is among us and it is time to thoroughly clean, redecorate and leave our perfect home to enjoy the beginning of each season. If your walls need an image wash or you have tired of their appearance, it is the ideal time to do it.

Paint the walls with sponge1

Among the thousands of options that exist, it is worth mentioning the Fluffing technique . The main advantage is that you can do it yourself economically and achieve a spectacular result. In addition, very different results can be achieved depending on the application. You will achieve the best result using a natural sponge.

Paint the walls with sponge2

If you like your wall but want to achieve that effect of texture and depth, try combining two colors. As you can see, the result is very flattering, fresh and modern.

Paint the walls with sponge3

The original style of this technique was to completely paint the surface and then apply pressure with the sponge to allow the lower layer to be seen. A tip to facilitate this result is to stick around pieces of sponge and slide on the freshly painted surface. It is an ideal option for rustic styles ...

Paint the walls with sponge4

Finally the option more in line with younger and current styles. It gives a lot of light to the environment. It is achieved by painting the wall of a single color with common paint and then applying the Fluffing technique with a metallic paint.

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