Painting door and window frames

An easy and original way to give life to doors y windows of our house is painting only the framework of these structures. In this way we change the appearance of the old doors and windows, adding a little color to the decoration and saving us the work of painting, for example, the entire door, or even the walls.

Paint door and window frames-01

The frames of the doors have a prominent position on the door itself: they are the arches that shelter them and frame them. We can play with contrasts of colors between the door and the frames, also painting the baseboards of the floor. The room will gain in light, joy and sometimes also in size, especially playing with optical effects of contrasts and chiaroscuro.

Detail of decorative painting on the door frame itself: we see how easy it is to change the appearance of a simple door, creating a more artisan and majestic one.

Paint door and window frames-02

Painting the interior of the doors helps introduce color and elegance into the decoration. The geometric effect on the door below stands out in this room with sober colors. Another effective detail is to play with the contrast of shades of the same range on the walls, the door frame and the inside of it.

Paint door and window frames-03

One way to gain volume in the room is, if for example we have painted the walls a light color, paint the frame of each white door. The game of colors is beautiful and wins in light.

Paint door and window frames-04

Highlight your doors and windows by painting them white or pastel colors.

Paint door and window frames-05

Paint door and window frames-06

Window frames also lend themselves to this change in appearance. Play with the contrasts of colors: you will gain clarity and good taste. In this image, the color of the wall to match that of the cushions and the wood of the window frame to match the border of the floor itself and other details creates a very striking visual game.

Paint door and window frames-07

If the window frames are made of wood, try giving them a coat of varnish. They will win in warmth and the wood will look more robust and new.

Paint door and window frames-08

From outside we can also project a spectacular image of our house. The painted frames of this window improve the appearance and make the whole look more careful and modern.

Paint door and window frames-09


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