Paint your rooms in two colors

Many times, at the time of Paint the walls of a room, we chose a single color that gives the room appearance of uniformity. It is logical, since this way the task is easier to perform, but we are leaving aside the opportunities that a bet in two tones , of the same color or different range.

Two colors for rooms 1

What do we get when painting two colors in a particular room? First, break the monotony and give the place dynamism. At the same time, we can play with the tones to create an amplitude effect.

Two colors for rooms 2

Regarding the colors that we are going to choose, we must have it very clear and make tests before starting with the first layer of paint, in order to avoid a bad choice. To do this, keep in mind if the colors you are going to choose are cold or warm, what color your furniture is and the dimensions of the room itself.

Two colors for rooms 3

In these photographs we propose some examples of combinations in pale and neutral tones, which achieve a spacious and relaxing result. Soft, moderate tones, such as a pale blue or cream with a gray, or a darker blue with a lighter one. We can even place two-color curtains, and go further and paint the ceiling blue and leave the walls in a neutral range. How about a warm red tone with a sepia color? There is a whole range of tonalities and possible infinite combinations waiting for you.

Two colors for rooms 4

Two colors for rooms 5

Two colors for rooms 6

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