Outdoor showers, a refreshing option

The outdoor showers are not exclusive to public pools and spas, with little investment and little work we can have a shower in any corner of our garden or patio. Of course, the investment will depend on the type of shower we want, there are many options and we can spend whatever we want. But what is undeniable is that it is a very practical and comfortable option when we have some outdoor space where to install an outdoor shower.

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The outdoor showers are tremendously practical, if we have been working in the garden and we have messed up, a shower before entering the house will refresh us and prevent us from dirtying the interior of the house. To bathe our pets is also a great option and for children to wash after an afternoon of intense games in the garden. In summer, when it's hot, an outdoor shower with cold water is a great way to cool off in a totally natural and ecological way.

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We will always find a design suited to our needs and circumstances, integrated into the garden between plants and with a floor of stone slabs and engrave, the shower will be our particular waterfall. Modern designs, integrated with the decoration and the atmosphere of the house will be a complement to the house itself.

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Simple and practical designs installed in a corner of little use or large and important exclusive air installations, we can adapt our shower to our taste, to the decoration of the house and garden and our economy. The options are many and of great variety being able to opt for the one that best suits our needs and tastes.

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When we have our shower in the open air, we are sure that we ask ourselves that question, how could I have lived without this wonder? Go ahead and enjoy.

Photos: krizza-homes.com

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