Original ideas to place your plants

Spring arrives and the flowers acquire their best color. That is why today we leave some very original ideas to place your plants and pots and that look with all their splendor and also, decorative.

Decorate with plants 1

As always it is about using our imagination. Recycling is fashionable, and we are sure that at home, in the storage room or in the garage we found objects that we thought we would throw away. Well, do not throw it away and use it, if you can, as flowerpots for this spring!

Decorate with plants 2

Here we propose some very original options, but surely this inspires you to create your own tendencies.

An old dresser, those waterproof boots that no longer come to your son or even some beach hats, will make beautiful pots and adorn your terrace, garden or blacon.

Decorate with plants 3

Decorate with plants 4

In addition to this, we always have the option of placing our pots in original supports or shelves. Any object that has a base will serve you. You just have to customize it with a color that you like and ready to use.

Decorate with plants 5

Decorate with plants 6

Another option that many specialized stores give you are objects designed for this utility but with a fun, special and more original way than what we can find commonly.

Decorate with plants 7

A good portal for this is the internet. Search and sure you will find some very interesting ideas so that your garden or your pots are the most beautiful this spring.

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