Original ideas for new centerpieces

It is always good to have new ideas for decorate the table in special events and not repeat with the usual proposals. So we bring these imaginative formulas to beautify the table with elements of walking around the house, but incredible results. Formulas for all tastes: for outdoor dinners, children's birthdays, centerpieces made with fruit ... Take good note of all of them!

Original proposals for centerpieces1

Shells and starfish: with small (or big) shells, small stones, shells and starfish we can create nice and original centers, really simple to make. Pour the contents into a good sized glass and add half the water. We can add small candles to the set and leave them floating on the water ... and even use the conches as a container for candles.

Original proposals for centerpieces2

Original proposals for centerpieces3

Original proposals for centerpieces4

Sweets and candies: for children's birthday parties, fill containers with their favorite candies and then decorate with lollipops.

Original proposals for centerpieces5

With lots of candies, licorices and chocolates you can create centers as imaginative as this one here. They will suck their fingers!

Original proposals for centerpieces6

Green apples: the apple, delicious and aesthetically beautiful fruit, can be the ideal complement for natural centerpieces to surprise our guests with a meal in the open air. The green not only indicates the maturity of the piece of fruit, but also creates beauty and merges with the table in a sublime and nutritious decoration.

Original proposals for centerpieces7

By its own appearance, the apple serves as a solid support for other proposals, for example as a vessel for candles.

Original proposals for centerpieces8

Original proposals for centerpieces9

And if you have a pineapple by hand, add flowers and cherries to it over a bowl. Your friends will love it!

Original proposals for centerpieces10

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