Original furniture to assemble

To say that these chairs are only original, is little, they are really incredible and for those who have a very particular taste.

Original furniture to assemble

Ben Wilson, a great London artist, entered the world of design almost by accident.
Inspired by the models to assemble aircraft and boats, he created a line of chairs called Chairfix, made of chipboard or MDF where each piece of chairs that are separated from their base are assembled.
But what makes them even more special, is that you not only arm them yourself, but also that there are no screws, nails or glue ... they are only assembled by insertion. You can pretend that you are playing with your old toys or the very famous bricks and build your chairs by the force of the insert.
This line presents an additional particularity that completes the whole, come with special designs of famous artists or you can acquire them in beige (their original color) and paint them to taste.
A challenge in which your children can even help you.

Original furniture to build 1

Original furniture to build 2

Original furniture to build 3

Original furniture to assemble 4

Original furniture to build 5

Original furniture to build 6

Original furniture to build 7

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