Oriental style bathrooms

A refreshing choice to decorate the bathroom is to move all the oriental spirit o Zen to this space of the house. In this way we will achieve a uniform space, decorated with a lot of harmony and with a certain feng shui touch as dynamic as relaxing.

Oriental style bathrooms 1

For this we can use different elements, starting with wood, an option that can not be lacking in these style bathrooms or oriental inspiration. Beech wood furniture, the lightest color, have a relaxing visual effect and achieve the purpose of harmonizing to the maximum. Stone or marble are other materials quite related to the Zen spirit, always with smooth and proportioned surfaces.

Oriental style bathrooms 2

Oriental style bathrooms 3

Symmetry is also very important for this Zen philosophy, so we can place objects and furniture in parallel, following a sense of order that conforms to the dictates of the most basic feng shui. In addition to this symmetrical order, minimalism is another outstanding aspect of every Zen bath: the fewer the number of objects, the better the decorative result.

Oriental style bathrooms 4

Another great idea is to use Japanese panels as a shower screen, or as a decorative element, which will undoubtedly take us to an authentic oriental bathroom. In the chromatic field, the best ranges are white, a classic, and gray, raw and beige. To accentuate some nuance, red or green will be your best allies.

Oriental style bathrooms 5

Nor should we forget a host of Oriental-style accessories to give more presence: wooden bowls, centerpieces with stones or candles, decorative figures, bamboo or cane mats and some plants placed strategically next to the bathtub or on the furniture. In this sense, bamboo stems can be a great choice, beautiful and full of harmony.

Oriental style bathrooms 6

Photos: thisbathroom.ru ; xtuan.com

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