Oriental-inspired kitchens

The kitchens of oriental style They are characterized by being spacious, comfortable and very functional. They are places devoid of superfluous decoration, but equipped with the basics. In them great importance is given to enlightenment and order. These Asian-inspired kitchens are a good example of this.

Oriental style kitchen 1

The oriental kitchens are usually provided with a long table or a central island that supposes an extra space where to leave the own ingredients before cooking them. As for the equipment, there may be slight variations with respect to Western kitchens.

Oriental style kitchen 2

Oriental style kitchen 3

Thus, for example, the classic glass ceramic is usually replaced by a stainless steel plate. This is so because, at the time of cooking, methods differ. Also the sinks can vary. The orientals incorporate a table or grid to cut the food and filter the water. All perfectly equipped to make traditional and tasty wok recipes, rice or to prepare sushi.

Oriental style kitchen 4

This last proposal responds to a Japanese style kitchen. As we see, it is provided with these elements of which we have spoken, with a very minimalist, symmetrical decoration, with good lighting and ample space for cooking. In terms of materials, wood is still the most used, both for the beauty it conveys and for its simplicity.

Oriental style kitchen 5

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