Oriental Inspiration

We show you houses decorated in the fabulous Oriental style but at the same time very modern ... how beautiful they are all right?

Oriental Inspiration

The Oriental inspiration in this first floor it comes mainly from the fantastic Japanese mural that they have hanging matching the rest of the house, here on the front page.

Oriental Inspiration 1

Here we can see the typical commonly called "Chinese furniture" painted in a bright orange color, very oriental without a doubt. And to complement we have busts of gods and buddhas that undoubtedly give it a very own touch. On the ground we can also see a Hong Kong ship float. They are small touches that undoubtedly highlight everything even more.

Oriental Inspiration 2

We went to a living room, where we observed a daringly patterned sofa, which together with the carpet and the table give it a very modern look. And finishing we have the picture of a Japanese woman on a very daring background but certainly also successful. Who said that the yellow color can not look good?

Oriental Inspiration 3

We finish with a oriental touch very subtle but effective, in this case before being obvious and putting pictures or sculptures have decided to be more minimalist As for the concept and have only placed a paper lamp, that if, matching the other furniture of course.

Source: MarieClaire

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