Organizer of footwear for the entrance to your home

All those who live in geographical areas where snow and / or rain are frequent; and also those who do not yet live in these areas have adverse climatic conditions periodically suffer the same problem: when entering our home we always wet and dirty the floor. Whether we leave our shoes by the door or enter our home with them.

Organizer of shoes for the entrance to your home 1

The stains on the floor are always difficult to remove and not many people like to have rags or carpets inside the house to leave their shoes.
That is why today we present an original idea: a shoe organizer to place at the entrance to your home.
It can be done on a wooden tray to which you must place white stones or another color, as long as they are gardening.
They place that tray next to the door and there they can leave the spare shoes to change when they enter your home. When they do, they leave their shoes wet and full of dirt on the stones. There all the water will drain, staining our floors and most of the dirt will be left.
The water that drains into the tray will evaporate on its own, but it is advisable to periodically clean the tray.
With this idea, we will not only avoid dirtying our floors or leaving our dirty shoes outside the home, but we will also have an original accessory that we can combine with the decoration.
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