Organize the hall cupboard

A closet in the hall is like having a small treasure, but you only realize when you lack it, anyway it is essential that the hall closet is well organized but it is as if you did not have it. We are going to see some ideas in this article so that you can properly organize your wardrobe to get the full potential out of it.

Organize the hall closet 1

Generally the hall closet is usually small so the organization is essential to make the most of it. Having a closet, even a small one, in the hall will allow us to have the whole house much more orderly. When we get home we always leave things out there, if they have a closet in the hall and your family well educated all those objects that take and leave on arrival should go to the closet.

Organize the hall cupboard 2

Every hall closet should have some well-differentiated areas for different objects . We will dedicate a part to the coats and jackets, we can divide spaces by garments or by family members marking them with separators.

Organize the hall cupboard 3

Containers for umbrellas and raincoats and for any other need we may have. Mark the containers with labels will be a good idea, sure you know your family perfectly and you will give me the reason.

Organize the hall cupboard 4

When we have children at home or we like sports it is interesting to place a container only for the smallest sport equipment.

Organize the hall cupboard 5

As we live in a technological society we can also place some element that allows us to store headphones, chargers, USB cables and other accessories of the electronic devices that our people usually carry with them when they leave the house.

Organize the hall cupboard 6

Trays or boxes Having the paper in hand and pens or pencils is also a good idea. The small family clerk's office where everyone can find their stuff.

Organize the hall cupboard 7

On the inside of the closet door we can hang a calendar to mark the key dates for each member of the family. We can also put the odd filing cabinet for magazines or catalogs.

Organize the hall cupboard 8

A hanger for keys It will be a key element, so we will always know where each one's keys are.

Organize the hall cupboard 9

On the floor of the closet we can place a tray for footwear . So we will control the cleanliness of the house, if each member is barefoot at the entrance we will save a lot on cleaning, especially it is essential for rain shoes.

Organize the hall cupboard 10

As you can see in a small space, you can create an important storage area. The order in your home will be much easier to maintain if all family members get used to using the locker in the hall.


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