Order at home ... get organized!

Disorder or too many things at home? If you are someone who likes to store things with the excuse of "if ...", but at the same time, you have a maniac of order inside you, there are a couple of tips to keep in mind so that your house always looks neat .

Ideas for order 1

First in the hall. This place is the first thing you see when entering your house, and it is the one that will provide the first image of this and of you. This is why it always has to be in the magazine, and to avoid the mania that we all have of leaving the keys and the bag where we first caught, we will have a receiver with a drawer.

There is no excuse if your hall is small and there is no space for a large piece of furniture or wardrobe, today there are very nice and decorative solutions for small spaces.

In the room we do not have an excuse for clutter either. There are two strategic points in the room where chaos is usually seen. One is the coffee table, with the controls, magazines, the little notebook with pens and other belongings that we leave when we are accommodated on the sofa. So that this does not happen, we will place a coffee table with drawers too. There are many designs and materials, and always come very well to store everything that accumulates in this room.

Ideas for order 2

The other part of the room that usually generates disorder, especially visual, are the shelves. In these accumulate books, photos, decorative objects, but without criteria.

Ideas for order 3

If what we want is to showcase a shelf by its design and always beautiful, we will be cautious when placing things. That is, we can have everything that we want, but always respecting some guidelines. For example, if we are going to have it only of books, we will arrange them in order and avoiding that the shelves are overflowing. If we are going to use it for decorative objects, we will place large items, much more colorful and lucid, and one of the shelves, only for photos, for example.

And if we are going to mix, we will go for shelves, one for books, another for photos ... We will avoid above all filling them to the satiety or we will obtain an effect of horrible visual disorder.

Ideas for order 4

Another area in which we spend a lot of time, and therefore, we tend to accumulate things from day to day, is the kitchen.
In this, if we can afford it, we will use drawers that, because they are deep, will give us a very good capacity to store large things that do not fit in a conventional drawer, like a storage cabinet, and if it is extractable, much more comfortable.

Ideas for order 5

Ideas for order 6

And finally, another space where we often see a lot of disorder are the wardrobes, not with the clothes, but with the accessories. A trick to avoid this, is to occupy a couple of shelves in our closet and place transparent boxes, where we can store small objects and have them always in view.

Ideas for order 7

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