Open concept kitchens

The idea of ​​an open concept kitchen is not uncommon, especially in the case of modern and contemporary homes. Today the tendency is to make the interior as fluid as possible and simplify the structure and decoration without sacrificing functionality. Thus the elimination of the barrier between the kitchen and social spaces becomes an eminently practical act.

Open concept kitchens

The Riverview Way, a residence decorated by Tom Hurt Architecture, illustrates the flexibility afforded by a space without architectural barriers in the kitchen. Everything can be organized better and take advantage of the space more efficiently.

Open concept kitchens 1

Sometimes a little privacy in the kitchen, dining room or living area may be advisable. In an open space this becomes a small problem easily surmountable with mobile options such as curtains and panels.

Open concept kitchens 2

When the kitchen is adjacent to the garden or any important outdoor space, the main option is to connect it with it. A glass wall connects both visually and effectively this magnificent kitchen with the fabulous garden.

Open concept kitchens 3

This idea is always interesting even when the kitchen is small. This time it helps to alleviate the lack of visual space.

Open concept kitchens 4

Installing the kitchen and the preparation area in a corner of the room increases the feeling of privacy and leaves the rest of the space open.

Open concept kitchens 5

In this open concept kitchen decorated in white, it has been tried to create a spotlight with the wooden dining table located in the center. It is an interesting way of looking at a broad white space without visual references.

Open concept kitchens 6

Although this kitchen is an open concept, it has enough architectural references that divide the spaces of each area well.

Open concept kitchens 7

The main problem that open concept kitchens have is the loss of warmth and feeling of welcome. Here it has been solved with a good use of warm materials such as wood.

Open concept kitchens 8

Another way to delimit spaces is to change the design of the ceiling as we see in this kitchen. The work and cooking area has been highlighted with a low wooden roof that differentiates it from the rest of the cement.

Open concept kitchens 9

Located in a building from 1902 in Stockholm this small one-bedroom apartment only has another stay to live. The kitchen became a part of the living space and has open shelves, cupboards and sufficient storage despite the dimensions.

Open concept kitchens 10

Thanks to the fantastic marine views, a low profile in the decoration of the kitchen has been sought here. Of course, the waves are enough animation.

Open concept kitchens 11

In kitchens with an open concept, it is common to use an island as a space separator, apart from its usual use.

Open concept kitchens 12

On this occasion we must highlight the curved wall that also houses cabinets to have the kitchen well clear.

Open concept kitchens 13

The open concept kitchens have a place in any decorative style. From the modern and minimalist to the most classic.

Open concept kitchens 14

The corner for breakfast and the island are enough to separate the kitchen area from the rest of the space in this design.

Open concept kitchens 15

In a smaller space may not be necessary so many references that delimit spaces. This small kitchen certainly does not need them.

Open concept kitchens 16

Another way to separate environments in an open concept kitchen is through the use of color and cabinets. Here we see how using a light tone, white, and another darker as wood can be well delimited spaces. The design of the upper and lower cabinets also helps.

Open concept kitchens 17

Sometimes it works well to design the living and dining area first and then add the kitchen as it was done in this beautiful house.

Open concept kitchens 18

The combination of wood and stainless steel highlights the space dedicated to the kitchen in this design.

Open concept kitchens 19

Warm colors and materials, such as wood, can be used to decorate the social area of ​​an open concept kitchen by creating a warmer and more welcoming space.

Open concept kitchens 20

In this beach house the kitchen has been differentiated with blue tones and the living area with warmer earth tones. Also highlight the lights on the island and the fans on the social area.

Open concept kitchens 21

In this great open concept kitchen we see that several resources have been used to differentiate the spaces. The wood with carpentry stands out sufficiently and also the lower ceiling helps it. To this we must add the large island and the carpet that defines the living area.

Open concept kitchens 22

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