Office decoration: Google in London

The Google offices Around the world they always surprise us. For many they are the best in the world and it is also known that the rule that governs the decoration of them is the welfare and comfort of all employees.

Office decoration_ Google in London-01

Today we present the new Offices of the firm in the city of London. In a space of 40,000 square feet the architecture firm Brownrigg Scott has managed to differentiate them from the rest of their offices in the world.
Innovative spaces abound and even a gym, showers, a spa and massage treatment center have been designed and installed, in addition to an Asian-style restaurant where employees can eat sushi.
Bright and vivid colors are present, dominating and ruling the interior decoration . There are telephone booths in the London style, wooden beach houses as meeting rooms, giant and colorful dice such as individual videoconference offices, individual spaces for work, massage chairs, spaces for relaxation and fun. In short, an office where everyone would want to work.
It's a good way to earn the loyalty of your employees, do not you think ???

Decoracion de oficinas_ Google in London-02

Office decoration_ Google in London-03

Decoracion de oficinas_ Google in London-04

Decoracion de oficinas_ Google in London-05

Decoracion de oficinas_ Google in London-06

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Decoracion de oficinas_ Google in London-09

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Source: dezeen

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