Nothing better than decorating your garden with fabrics

With the good weather you get the urge to spend more time in your garden, terrace or patio. But of course the more and better decorated you have the outer space of your house more comfortable you will find in it. So we suggest you a visit to see these ideas to decorate your garden with fabrics that may give you a certain orientation.


As you probably know, fabrics are a great resource in decoration, easy and economical, which allows us to renew an environment with enormous simplicity. You do not need works or difficult operations, choose some fabrics and adapt them to the concrete space and little else.


Well, this idea that is valid for interior decoration is also valid for decorating the exterior of the house. In some countries there is more custom or tradition than in others about it but it is a fantastic idea that we can appropriate without any problem.


In summer the climate is calm and, apart from the sun, there are usually no major inclement weather, good except when the storms come but then usually ends the summer season.


You have already seen some examples of the role that curtains can play on a porch. In addition to decorating serve to relieve us of a strong sun, protect us a bit of a breeze too fresh or safeguard our privacy at a given time.


A dressed porch is always more elegant and sophisticated resulting in a more cozy and intimate space.


And if we also add some amohadones or some other textile complement we can create a very pleasant, cozy and elegant atmosphere.



These curtains also help us to create an exotic space and a clear air of summer vacation that in this time is very pleasant even if you are forced to stay at home.


This beautiful and stately patio with Mediterranean air would not be the same without those elegant curtains.


But the fabrics can also serve us in more casual environments such as this improvised rustic canopy. Literally, with four sticks and a cloth we have a nice and cool shade to rest on the lawn.


Intimacy, wind, shadow or simply movement. The movement of the fabric to be rocked by the wind introduces this circumstance in the decoration of our garden. It is not something despicable and we must take it into account.


A sofa or a chill out bed is not understood without its curtains and of course the deployment of cushions necessary to be desirable.


You see this lounger and the fabric warped by the breeze and instantly becomes an appetizing place, much more than if you were just the sunbed in the sun.


A few meters of tulle can be the difference between a dining room or living area of ​​a romantic and glamorous space.


To give shade in the pavilions, pergolas or simply in any place of the garden the fabrics also are useful at the same time as decorative.



At least they save you from that excess of solar radiation that usually produces an unpleasant suffocation. Placed on a table will make you create a very particular atmosphere in your garden dining area.



Nor can we forget about the textiles that we usually use at the table or in the living area. Mattresses, cushions, carpets and others are a great opportunity to create a coordinated space.


We can even dress the walls, as has been done in this picture with burlap, to create a special decoration for an important occasion.

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