Nordic style filled with color

Timidly, little by little, they are seen in the blogs and decoration magazines that something happens more to the north of Denmark. We are going to see a sample of that slight change that is taking place in those lands where the minimalist style that sweeps around the world was born.

Nordic style house 1

The exterior of the house is like a gift box, elegant but does not give us any clue as to what it contains inside. Painted in black and with the frames of windows and doors, as well as the awnings and downspouts in white already gives clues that it is a unique house.

Nordic style house 2

Nordic style house 3

As soon as we enter the house we are surprised by a burst of color, in reality it is no more than brushstrokes on the white canvas that forms the interior of the house. Walls and ceilings are painted white, the floor is light wood in almost the entire house but the accessories play a prominent role. They provide the brush strokes of color, many colors in bright, fluorescent tones.

Nordic style house 4

Nordic style house 5

The kitchen is discreet, functional and open. Actually it is a single space but where each area is well defined, kitchen, dining room and living room. The large windows and the brightness of the house pleasantly surprised in a house located so north of the planet.

Nordic style house 6

Nordic style house 7

In the living room a resting space has been created next to the windows to take advantage of sunlight. Both in the living room and in the dining area the complements create the differential color.

Nordic style house 8

Nordic style house 9

The laundry room, with the checkered floor, is illuminated with curtains and carpet that are a waste of color. The children's room, with those beautiful touches of orange lamp, chair, filing cabinet, is complemented by the colorful collection of toys.

Nordic style house 11

Nordic style house 12

The metal bed, classic design, but in an adorable turquoise blue color is enough to fill a bedroom with his presence. Not to mention if we also fill it with pillows and quilts in a multitude of colors. To top it off, a paper lamp that matches the bed and its floral clothing hangs from the ceiling. The bathroom, so discreet in principle, has also been populated with colors. In short, a good option to spread the color with accessories since it will always be easier to change these than walls, floors and furniture.


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