Nordic kitchens with color notes

White is the most prominent color within the Nordic style . With it, bright spaces are built and the idea of ​​amplitude is enhanced. Inspired and harmonious spaces that are not bad for us to put a few notes of color to cheer them up.

Nordic kitchens in color 1

The best formula is to give those chromatic brushstrokes using the small accessories that hang around a kitchen . A cleaning cloth, plates, a pot in a corner, plants, a stool or the lampshade are some examples that we can use to fill this space of the house with bright colors.

Nordic kitchen color 2

Thanks to this mixture that superimposes colors on a neutral base, we will fill a space as busy as the house with light. We can also enhance contrasts of black and white, or white and other unique color (red, blue, green) to get cooler and more balanced atmospheres.

Nordic kitchen color 3

Nordic kitchens in color 4

The use of pastel shades, especially blue in its softer range, is usually one of the most recurrent to brighten up these spaces. If, in addition, it is combined with wooden surfaces, the result is as elegant as it is magical.

Nordic kitchens in color 5

In short, using these colorful brushstrokes we will give joy to these environments, we will enhance the entrance of light and we will have a cozy kitchen where we can enjoy any activity in it.

Nordic kitchens in color 6


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