Nordic apartment with white and gold details

Finding the perfect balance when you are decorating an apartment is very difficult, especially when you also want to mix two or more styles. But there is always a way, sometimes simplicity is the key. Other times you just have to find the right elements to combine.

Nordic decoration 1

In the case of this apartment, its decoration has been based on the Nordic style where white is the base and gold touches have been added to achieve a more elegant and glamorous style.

Nordic decoration 2

It is an open space where the kitchen, dining room and living room are in the same area. The totally white kitchen is basically functional, as we move to the living room, touches of color and sophistication have been added.

Nordic decoration 3

Nordic decoration 4

The bright copper lamp becomes the focal point of the living room where it combines beautifully with the brown tones of the leather sofa and the wooden desk. The piece in green fluorine that decorates the back wall adds a touch of contrast.

Nordic decoration 5

The whole room receives a lot of natural light thanks to the numerous windows, with its effect emphasizes the space and details.

Nordic decoration 6

The dining table is in the middle of the kitchen, it can be used as an island and with its black color it contrasts with the absolute white of the kitchen.

Nordic decoration 7

The living room is a space decorated in an eclectic way with furniture and decorative objects from different periods but with pieces by the great designers of each of them.

Nordic decoration 8

Nordic decoration 9

The details have been taken care of, it is those small and very thoughtful details that get a decoration out of the average.

Nordic decoration 10

Nordic decoration 11

The room has a very simple design based on white with a touch of gray but adding a golden yellow to give it a different and exclusive touch.

Nordic decoration 12

Nordic decoration 13

The bedroom also has a small balcony that has not been wanted to waste to create a small and particular outdoor area.


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