New Year's cleaning

In the western world spring cleaning is more well known but there are already many people, and many without being aware of it, who imitate the Japanese Oosouji. This custom consists in carrying out a thorough cleaning of the house, the office or the workplace and all the school and community centers. During it, it is thoroughly cleaned to receive the new year with a clean and fresh home.


Around the 28th of December there is a collective cleansing effort in Japan, families clean their homes, employees their jobs, parents their children's schools and everyone gets involved in this ritual cleansing. It is not a bad way to finish a year and start a new one with the whole house in conditions. You have to move furniture and all the auxiliary elements of the house, everything has to be moved and cleaned.

It is time to order things, save them where appropriate or get rid of those that no longer serve us. Although for the Japanese the Oosouji has a religious connotation, it is about cleaning everything to receive Toshigami who is the deity, in the Shintoism that brings the New Year.

It is interesting to do this cleaning, even from a secular point of view, so we prepare ourselves psychologically for the change, we sweep away the filth of the old to receive the new clean and well disposed. When you do your New Year cleaning, I'm only going to give you two pieces of advice, clean from top to bottom .

And do not pass the vacuum cleaner until you have all the furniture, ceilings and walls free of dust. Now, when the dust of all the elements of the house has landed on the floor it is time to vacuum. And do not forget to clean up even the smallest objects ...

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