New uses for old suitcases

Did you find an old suitcase in the attic and can not stand the idea of ​​separating from her? Give a new life with some of the ideas that we propose below. If you do not have an old suitcase at hand, there is no problem as they are easy to find in thrift stores, antique shops, flea markets and traces. The new use will depend a lot on the type of suitcase you have on hand.

Decorate with matelas 1

Simply removing the lid of the suitcase and placing a cushion inside, a suitcase similar to the one in the top photo, will become an elegant, comfortable and practical bed for your pet.

Decorate with matelas 2

With a suitcase that has the lid in good condition you can mount a portable display, for sales, talks, exhibitions, etc ...

Decorate with matelas 3

If you find a suitcase that has the interior in good condition but the exterior is too worn can renew it lining the outside with fabric. Just look for a fabric that you like and stick it with a good decoupage type tail. The result is exceptional and you will have a new and original suitcase.

Decorate with matelas 4

To decorate your home a great idea is to use several suitcases, in different sizes, to use as storage boxes, bedside table or side table. It will bring a traveler and vintage air to your home with very little investment.

Decorate with matelas 5

Another great idea is to use the bottom parts of several suitcases of an approximate size to use them as drawers in a shelf-unit. Build a drawer with little expense and with a very modern air.


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