New trends in bathroom design

The latest trends in bathroom design offer us a wide range of possibilities so that we can have this piece of the house as we like it. As in the general design of the houses there is a great variety of styles and we can opt for the one that best represents us. Below we show you a selection of the most important trends applied to this room dedicated to personal hygiene.

New trends in bathroom design

The independent bathtubs, those that do not need to be encased, are one of the current trends. There are real wonders in the market, they are like sculptures that preside over the bathroom. In the example we see one arranged in a bathroom in which the walls have been paved to half height. The window with the dark frame creates a nice contrast.

New trends in bathroom design 1

The wallpaper, that decorative complement back and forth, has come back again and this time we can use it even in the bathroom. The new wallpapers resist everything, even the humidity of the bathroom.

New trends in bathroom design 2

In terms of colors for the bathroom, new designers dare even with strong colors. Nothing is vetoed for them, only their imagination can restrict them.

New trends in bathroom design 3

Ceramic coverings are undergoing a change of trend, and old coatings that once were very popular, until exhaustion, are being rediscovered, and now they return with new strength. This is the case of small round tiles or geometric shapes.

New trends in bathroom design 4

Another of the tiles that returns to be fashionable, for its vintage and industrial appearance, are the so-called subway tiles. Rectangular, famous for having covered the metro stations of half the world.

New trends in bathroom design 5

To achieve a retro look, the designers propose bathroom furniture in a classic style, made of noble woods or with the appearance of such. Round mirrors and accessories that remind us of past times.

New trends in bathroom design 6

Even in modern style bathrooms like the one in the example, we can include details such as the veined marble countertop. This material has also been the object of a rediscovery since years have had its maximum splendor. Now it seems that it has returned even in unsuspected places like this one, on a modern furniture with clean lines made of teak wood.

New trends in bathroom design 7

Within the new trends almost everything can be mixed, a classic bathtub with feet and a no less classic although it is new, travertine marble floor. Combined with modern elements such as the faucet in the bathtub and the abstract work of art hanging on the wall.

New trends in bathroom design 8

Here we can appreciate the use of the bathtub as a remarkable element of the bathroom, a real point of attention. Especially when you get copies like this bathtub a beauty that can be combined with some classic and modern accessories.

New trends in bathroom design 9

Wood and metal Basic materials to create a minimalist bathroom with its own personality. The floor is covered with a classic parquet and the walls with metal plates that create a very disturbing space due to the characteristics of the reflection of the metal. It provides a hazy vision of an alternative world.


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