New paper proposals for 2011

Little by little papered They have been gaining their place when it comes to decorating. And in this 2011 has not been the exception. They started the year promising to be the big stars, and by now they are really one of the allies at the time of the decor .

papered for 2011 1

But not only has achieved that, but also went to be used only for the wall you want to accent or give prominence, to be used in all the walls that make up the space to decorate. From the room, to the living room, in the corridor, or to the reception rooms. The papered they won their place and here we tell them what are the big trends at the moment.
They govern the interiors : they have gone from occupying the protagonist walls to occupy all the walls of the space to decorate. They have gained immense popularity, are ideal for dressing a wall, and almost as much or more perfect than the painting itself. The idea of ​​wallpaper is to allow home owners to customize their spaces according to their taste. If the trend is maintained for next year will undoubtedly be a great protagonist.

papered for 2011 2

You can use those that mix tones or are tones on tones : in the year 2010 the wallpaper was used in which the black shapes predominated, but the year 2011 witnesses something totally different. Finding the balance and the combination of tones is the latest trend and, as a result, wallpaper of the same ranges can be combined and even playing with vinyl can be the right choice.

papered for 2011 3

papered for 2011 4

Metallic style designs draw attention : undoubtedly these are the ones that attract the most attention in decoration. From those with bronze and strong silver tones to soft gold tones, they provide a fantastic and glamorous touch to the environments.
Wallpapers combined with handmade designs For those who prefer to have unique designs and those who really like to design, take the base of a wallpaper and complete it with their own hand-painted designs can be very attractive. There is also the option offered by some companies to customize our wallpaper. Both options are very good when it comes to decorating.

papered for 2011 5

Wallpaper inspired by nature with green and earth tones In addition to all the above-mentioned trends, the wallpaper inspired by nature based on green tones and earth tones have managed to impose themselves with force.
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