New materials: Corian

Every time more innovative materials are created that make our lives easier, besides giving us the opportunity to design new shapes and combinations. This is the case of Corian , a plastic material that can adapt to all shapes, whether straight or curved, creating compact, smooth and seamless surfaces. Almost any shape imagined can be made with this new material, this gives rise to an infinity of possibilities.
One of the most frequent uses of Corian is in kitchens. As there are no apparent joints, you can do all the worktop with sink sinks included in one piece. This translates into hygiene (no joints) and an impeccable finish. It is also resistant to use and heat.

New materials: Corian

Combining it with other materials is simple, and with it you can create very interesting effects. It fits very well with glass, natural stone and metal.

New materials: Corian 1

Bathtub made of wood, glass, metal and Corian.
As for the surface coating , it is suitable for floors, walls and ceilings. It can be given any shape, and, added to the variety of colors, the range of possibilities is infinite.

New materials: Corian 2

Room with walls covered with Corian.
The Backlight is another quality applicable to the Corian, it is used for lamps, panels and any other surface that we want to light from within. With a little imagination, very interesting ideas can arise, that with any other material could not have been.

New materials: Corian 3

Decorative backlit panel.


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