New colors for a new Christmas

We bring you new proposals to get out of the green and red routine, new color combinations for a new Christmas. This next Christmas It is a good opportunity to innovate, sharpen our creativity and decorate our house with new color combinations. From the examples that we bring you, it is certain that you will be able to go further and innovate new combinations. We get carried away by inertia and habit too many times, a little change and even a bit of rebellion are the salt of life.

Original ideas for Christmas 1

Decorate your Christmas tree with an assortment of blue, silver and green glass ornaments and add an assortment of blue and white wrapped packages to complete the color scheme. This combination of green and blue, both in light tones, complemented by silver creates an atmosphere of great elegance and subtlety.

Original ideas for Christmas 2

A perfect combination for minimalist environments, the white of the snowy tree and some touches of silver and gold combine perfectly with the natural tones of the wood and the carpets of vegetal fibers. The apothecary jars with white sweets give a retro touch to the decor . The packages wrapped in white and brown tones complete the modern look of this proposal.

Original ideas for Christmas 3

The green combined with the brown creates a natural environment in this living room. The decoration of the chimney , with the green socks on the wood, it is reflected in the tree decorated with bright green spheres and cream flowers.

Original ideas for Christmas 4

Another very modern proposal for environments with modern decoration. The cold tones are complemented by the warmth of the trunks and the table in reclaimed wood.

Original ideas for Christmas 5

Silver and gold together with white is an elegant combination. Some touches of light blue both on the tree and in the rest of the room break the monotony and create points of attention.

Original ideas for Christmas 6

For the more daring, this bold proposal, turquoise blue and orange create a very lively and fun atmosphere. The set results from a very natural cleaning, light and color for a different perception of Christmas.

Original ideas for Christmas 7

As a playful, festive and uncomplicated proposal we have the one of the superior image. All the colors of the rainbow and some more, united to encourage even the saddest of Christmas. Fun, light and color in superlative degree.


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