New bathroom No work!

The bathroom is one of the rooms of our home that perhaps we neglect more. Maybe it's because of lack of time or because we do not find much charm. Whatever the reason, it is an error. To start thinking about you, since it is the place where each morning we prepare to start the day, a nice place is a very positive help. And in the second place you will not have qualms when the visitors ask you to go to the service, but you will feel flattered.

It is true that a work in the bathroom is very inconvenient, but that is no longer an excuse because you can open a bathroom without work. The following images are of very old bathrooms, with tiles and floors old and outdated and even with bumps and breaks.

Renew the bathroom without work-1

But you can not imagine that this magnificent design has been achieved by painting with a base of white and then randomly with three shades of blue. Simply clean the tile thoroughly and, with a special glaze for tiles, pass the roller. To make the paintings look perfect you can help with bodybuilder's tape. And, from one day to the next, new tiles!

Renew the bathroom without work-2

As for the floor, it is as simple as placing adhesive vinyl. They are washable, they resist to the humidity and so simple to place like a sticker, adhere to any surface even carpet. As you can see, with two simple gestures, you can get a new bathroom that is, without work, debris and all the time it entails. If you are thinking about your kitchen, the answer is yes, all this is applicable to the floors and tiles of your kitchen.

Renew the bathroom without work-3

In this small bathroom pistachio green has been a great relief from its original tiles, a very dark color. In addition the wooden shelf and the mirror, which occupy two walls, are a great resource, on the one hand, they provide space for storage and, on the other, the mirrors, are not only useful, but create an illusion of spaciousness.

If you want a complete change you will get it with the following tips. Do a face wash to your toilets, if they need it the same enamel will serve you. Change taps, towel rails or typical accessories in the bathroom. Get new curtains and towels according to the decoration. Even if you need it, you can take advantage of a layer of paint on doors and windows.

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